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I'm working with some pretty amazing people! Collecteebles in Andover and Cool Merchandise in Salisbury and Southampton are stocking my book! They are by the counter, so nice and easy to find. Both places have some fantastic merch, from shirts and dice and books and knitted snorlax's, its definitely worth checking out.


They are super good people.

The D&D Company Only Crits is also hosting my one-shot, The Crypt of Khepri's Priest, which is for four plays at level 3. They have launched their own D&D sourcebook, Guillmans Guide to Speed, and they have dice and other accessories a plenty (Horizon knows I've bought enough of them)

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Business Enquires

If you like the cut of my jib and want to enquire about working together, stocking my book, or something along those lines, please send any enquires to and someone will get back to you.

If you have a D&D question, a lore question, or just wanna chat, hit me up on one of my socials.

Facebook - The Lands of Ferox

Instagram - @landsofferox

Mastadon - @acwhikcom

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