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Ad-Venture Capitalism

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

This blog will, largely, follow the adventures of my D&D party during our third campaign, which I have called Ad-Venture Capitalists. For more information on the world, look to the Ferox page (still under construction.)

Our third adventure takes place in Vebux, a continent that contains three nations. The French-Spanish nation of Borveil, the Indo-Chinese Cimanak, and the Egyptian-Greek-styled Phania. To the centre of the nation is a large range of floating mountains, caused by an almighty magical spell during the last war. This spell, amongst many others, left the centre of the continent a wasteland called, The Sorcerous Wastes. Here, there is a pale mist known as the Smog, which can cause strange, magical changes in creatures, items and spells. The Smog has shown up in other places, but here it is always present and seems to have its own malicious will.

Vebux is in the preludes to war on all fronts. Phania is ruled by the serpentine Nagai, and seeks total conquest over the land. The dark gods that they answer to require regular sacrifice and the life lead by its people is brutal.

Cimanak is struggling after is leaders agreed to several bad trade negotiations, leaving the country poor and broken. Its people have a strong sense of duty, and are continuing on, happy to fight against the savage Phanians and to take the wealth of the pompous Borvelians.

Borveil has seen an influx of refugees in the form of mages, fleeing persecution from the Venardi in Osmea, who have made it their mission to eradicate all mages and magic items in the land. They seek to defend themselves on both fronts, though they have no qualms about taking the wealth hoarded by Phania and the elite fighters of Cimanak, a group of elemental warriors known as Lancers.

We begin our story on the Stoln plains, between two forward armies for Borveil and Cimanak. Here, events conspire to force the party from both sides and in between to join forces in fighting an abomination. They then battle their way through a dungeon after being transported there magically. Through this, they find new trust in strangers, and new powers in themselves.

Our party is made up by the following:

Sargent Felix Voltburn, a human fighter, is now a mercenary after many years as a guard in Feyspire. He's an old dog, hoping to learn some new tricks as he and his unexpected ally Mouse try to eke out a living.

Mouse, the tabaxi rogue has followed Felix after Felix saved him from an early death at the hands of the social elite of Feyspire. He has plans to make a great name for himself

Ecko Amoress, a young girl of mixed heritage. She is guarded about her past but seems to be seeking something or someone. Strange magic seems to swirl around her, and it may be she's caught the eye of something eldritch to fuel her needs.

Ghazin, an earth genasi barbarian has recently found himself unemployed. Signs of his tectonic abilities have grown lately, and he seeks not only to better understand himself, but his origins as they have been lost to the world.

Caelia Dewspinner, a fairy artificer who has been trying to continue the experiments she began in the Feywilds before being exiled for her work. She wants nothing more than to do good, though she has a great fear of the mage hunters in Osmea.

Mama Loko, an elderly goblin cleric who has spent the last 300 years in the sorcerous wastes, aiding those who were lost. At the recent behest of her god, and a new diety to the pantheon, she has set out back to civilization, to see what has become of the world.

Upon their exit, one of the party, Sargent Felix Voltburn, is met by a soldier of the Borvelian army, for whom Felix and his companion Mouse have been fighting for as part of a mercenary group.

Felix is tasked with finding four individuals to join him in meeting Brigadier Lightank, a General of renown in the Borvelian army. Upon meeting this General, the party is asked to form a unit to perform tasks here in Borveil in order to maintain peace, and as propaganda. The party are asked to become heroes to the people, with the aim to keep morale (and enlistment) high, as well as squashing any issues that arise while the main army is fighting on two fronts.

The party agrees, each having their own reason for doing so, and believing this may be the path to getting what they seek.

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