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Writing is often seen as a solitary pursuit, with writers spending hours alone at their desks, and focusing on how they can get further in the game.

However, I think its more important that we foster a greater community and celebrate the creativity and talent within the community.


Below are some of the incredible people I have been speaking to, and I highly encourage you to go check them out!

Author - The Battle of Eklatros

Alex Galassi

Editor for Dead Surprise, Writer and Editor

Erika M. Weinert


Author - State of Vesta Fortuna

Walter Robinson

Author- Tome of Wishes

Carmen Bunescu


Wykes Illustration

Master Designer - All of the Lands of Ferox art


I'm being stocked by some pretty amazing people! These kind, generous, heroic people have agreed to host my book, or some of my Adventure modules.

Collecteebles in Andover | Cool Merchandise in Salisbury/Southampton | New Realities Gaming in Salisbury | Only Crits Online | Hoard Dungeons |

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