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A lot of industries are all about being the leader, the number 1, and outdoing your competitors, but I don't think that writing needs to be like that. What we write will always be unique, both from our writing style, and our choice of subject.


Writing is often thought of as a solitary activity, but over the course of just working on this book, I have found a few amazing people, who I have listed below. Please do have a read, and give them a follow.

Alex Galassi

Alex Galassi’s debut novel Battle for Eklatros is the first book in the Rebalancing the Cosmos series. He has been writing and creating stories for most of his life. Many of his characters, including Navacus Clums and Cecil Kloud, were born through his time playing with LEGO.

Ànifa wakes up with no memory only to find out that she is the first elf seen on Eklatros in thousands of years. Furthermore, her peaceful world is now under attack by an alien horde. Ànifa must journey across Eklatros to awaken the sleeping giants within the Great Barriers. Can Ànifa and her newfound friends come together in time to save Eklatros?

Erika M. Weinert

Erika was an incredible editor for me, and worked hard to make sure that my words came out in a more coherent manner than anything I was typing. She's fun to work with, and works hard at her craft. But more than anything, she takes a genuine interest in the material she is working on.

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