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Book 2:

1st Draft: Done

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In a world with a one in twenty chance to survive, you never know what the roll of the dice will bring.

When a disgraced detective and a naïve mage discover a body in the city of Okenhiem, they must race to find the unparalleled villain before their sinister machinations are achieved.

Throughout they will need to hide from the mage hunters that prowl the streets, investigate hostage takers, and grapple with their own demons.

With everything hinging on the whims of the dice, it’s down to fate to see if they succeed.

A Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Novel,

based on the world created by A C Whikcom.


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Grave Mistake

Delvers are specialist persons who excel in the recovery of long lost items . . . though calling them grave robbers isn’t a stretch either.  Something shifts in the desert lands of Osmea and with a curse that needs breaking, Arden will need to team up with an unlikely duo – his ex girlfriend and a strange child she found.

The Folkor Sisters: On a Mission from Yoxi

Quilie is a mischievous gnome, and quite eager to find trouble where it may come. Of course, it helps when your adopted sister is a 6’5” orc named Gutzpitta.

When their mother falls sick with a strange illness, they will need to journey far beyond the city of Da Krem to find a cure. In doing so, they might just uncover the fate of their long-departed father.

Yet to Come

A Binding Agreement

Preservation is an unusual name for a perditionite, but then Preservation has never been one to follow anyone else’s standards.

When faced with a chance to reclaim a lost trove of knowledge, it only takes a little blackmail to get this bookkeeper out from behind the desk and into the dangerous world.

The Great Escape!

A one page RPG where you play as a captive of a Zoo. Your mission: To escape with your friends before the you are transfered out to a worse enclosure!

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