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Ferox: The untamed Lands

The Lands of Ferox is set to be an anthology series, which takes place in the world I created for running my Dungeons and Dragons games, and have been building and tweaking for the last seven years.

In order to bring some of that chaos that is synonymous with D&D, whenever a character tries to sneak past a guide, tell a lie, search for a clue, or do just about anything, I roll a d20 (a twenty sided die) and recorded the result. The higher the number the better the success, but the lower the number the worse the failure. Because of this, it was impossible to plan what would happen, as one poor dice roll would undo all my plans. And so, the success of our protagonists is never guaranteed. Death is a possibility, as is failure.

If your not a big D&D person, fear not! While the books contain the results of all of the dice rolling, you can just skip over those parts and read the descriptions of the fights. Who knows, you may even take an interest in it and develop a new hobby.

In a world with a one in twenty chance to survive, you never know what the roll of the dice will bring.

When a disgraced detective and a naïve mage discover a body in the city of Okenhiem, they must race to find the unparalleled villain before their sinister machinations are achieved.

Throughout they will need to hide from the mage hunters that prowl the streets, investigate hostage takers, and grapple with their own demons.

With everything hinging on the whims of the dice, it’s down to fate to see if they succeed.

A Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Novel,

based on the world created by A C Whikcom.

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